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Save On Bad Boy Mower Parts

Stop Over Paying For Bad Boy Parts

Do you have the "Big Box Store Blues"? Are you paying too much for your Bad Boy Mower Parts and don't even realize it? We have heard too many of our new customers tell us what they are paying at their local Tractor Supply Store and we are here to set the record straight. You are paying too much! You probably got a great deal on that ZT or MZ machine but thought that the Bad Boy mower blades you bought, at a cost of $90, were too expensive. Maybe you also bought a Bad Boy belt and thought the $80 price for that deck belt was a bit high. You would be correct on both. It is understandable that in a pinch you pay whatever it takes to get the yard mowed before that family reunion. Most customers, however, don't mind waiting a day or two if it saves a lot of money. We have taken some time to create a breakdown on how our prices compare. Please check out our comparision chart below for just how much you can save at

Bad Boy Mower Blades


Part Number Description *TSC Price

Our Price

063-1050-00 Bad Boy ZT Hydraulic Filter $37.99 $18.14 $19.85
038-0005-00 Blade Set (3 Blades) For MZ Magnum 54" $89.99 $53.97 $36.02
038-6060-00 Blade Set (3 Blades) For ZT w/ 60" Deck $99.99 $53.97 $46.02
038-4826-00 Blade Set (3 Blades) For MZ w/ 48" Deck $79.99 $53.97 $26.02
041-1650-00 Deck Belt For ZT w/ 60" Deck $79.99 $61.55 $18.44
041-6400-00 Drive Belt For MZ $79.99 $41.75 $38.24
041-6027-00 Deck Belt For MZ w/ 48" Deck $79.99 $54.99 $25.00


* Tractor Supply Company prices have been taken off of the Tractor Supply website as of 2/1/2015. 

Bad Boy Mower Blades

Are you not sure which Bad Boy Mower Parts you need? We are here to help. As Bad Boy parts experts we have the knowledge and resources to help you find all of the Bad Boy parts you need. 



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