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Bad Boy Mower Blades

Bad Boy Mower Blades

Bad Boy Mower Fusion Blades

Bad Boy Mowers use Blount Fusion Blades on all their mowers. The Fusion blades wear 40% less than your standard blades. Electro-fusion technology is used to apply a Tungsten Carbide coating to increase durability. The Tungsten Carbide coating is heat treated for a tougher blade and a Blade that stays sharper longer. You will no longer have to sharpen your blades after every mow. The Fusion blades were designed with the customer in mind. Not having to sharpen your Blades every mow keeps you on your mower longer, and helps  you finish the job quicker. These blades are also considered a Hi-Lift blade which helps in circulating grass clippings up into a grass collection system. The fastest moving Bad Boy Fusion Blades are the 038-6060-00.

Bad Boy Mower Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are used to help dispose of grass clippings. Mulching is the process by which grass clipping are repeatedly cut to be made fine. Considering that grass clippings are made 85% of water and can ultimately provide your yard with 25% of your yards fertilizer requirements due to the nutrients released during them breaking down. Mulching blades are usually wavy with each wave having its own sharp edge. Mulching blades can also have a toothed edge for better mulching like Gator Mulching blades. These Gator style mulching blades with the serrated edge helps make a better mulch.

Determining What Mower Blades to Use

It is a very simple task to determine what blade you need to use. All you need to know is what style blade will work for the application you need. If you are looking for a blade that leaves grass clippings for nutrients you need to use a mulching blade for this application. If you are just looking for a standard cut, use a standard blade. If you have a bagger attachment that is not blower powered you need a Hi-Lift blade for this application. Part number 038-6003-00 are the 60" Gators and they are the fastest moving Bad Boy Gator blades there are. This will ensure that the grass clippings make it in the bagging system. Using the correct blade style can make the difference in how your yard looks. If you have any other questions about your Bad Boy Mower Blades, and which blade you should use feel free to use out chat function or just give us a call. Contact us at 855.888.7278.

Bad Boy Mower Accessories

Here at we have all the Bad Boy Mower Accessories you will need. You can also check out our Bad Boy Parts Lookup system to find your parts and accessories. We make sure to offer the best Bad Boy Accessories for your Bad Boy Mowers.

Bad Boy Mower Parts

Bad Boy Blades                                                                                                             Bad Boy Mower Parts  

Bad Boy Mower Blades

Here at Bad Boy Mower Parts we have all the Bad Boy Mower Blades you will need. By keeping all the fastest moving Bad Boy Blades in stock we can fill your order as soon as we get it. If you are no sure of what blades you need feel free to call our dedicated parts specialist for assistance in getting the correct Bad Boy Mower Blades.

Bad Boy Blades

Bad Boy Blades and Bad Boy Mower Parts are what we do here at We know the importance of getting our order filled fast and with accuracy. Our staff is ready to help you in all your Bad Boy Parts needs. If you just need a bolt for your unit we will get it for you. If you need a new motor that is fine too. We are here to make sure that you get the Bad Boy Parts you need.