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Bad Boy Mower Parts - F.A.Q.

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Boy Mowers and Bad Boy Mower parts. We provided the best answers our team could find to help ensure your mind is at ease while ordering parts for your Bad Boy Mower. You can also use our Bad Boy Shop by Part section to find your parts quick.

Question: How hard is it to install the Dual LED Light Kit?

Answer: Not hard at all. Click Here to check out and download installations Instructions.


Question: What are the service intervals for my Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: Click Here to check out all the service intervals for your mower.


Question: What is the easiest way to locate what carrier my tracking number is through?

Answer: Copy your tracking number using CTL + C, and paste it into Google using CTL + V and click search. Google is coded to decipher these tracking numbers and give you a link to track it through the proper carrier.

Question: Is there a mulch kit available for my unit?

Answer: Yes, but due to the recent issues we have found with customers having issues with installation, and having bad information from Bad Boy on these items we have opted from selling them. There is however an alternative. The Advanced Chute System with Gator Mulching blades is a great alternative to a mulch kit. Check out our page dedicated to the Advanced Chute System.

Question: Are we Bad Boy Mowers?

Answer: No, but we are the nations largest independent retailer for Bad Boy Mowers parts. We pride ourselves on having the Bad Boy parts you need, when you need them. We stock all of the fast moving parts like belts, blades, air filters, oil filers, and fuel filters etc. We not only stock the fast moving Bad Boy mower parts, but the hard to find Bad Boy parts as well. Our goal is to keep you, the customer, our top priority. We are here to assist in getting what you need in order to get your Bad Boy Mower back on the grass and ready for some mowing.

Question: What oil do I use on my engine?

Answer: If you have a gas engine the oil you need to use when you change the oil is 10W30 motor oil. If you have a Diesel engine the oil you need to use when changing is 15W40.

Question: What type of hydraulic oil do I use when servicing my transaxles?

Answer: We get this question a lot and the answer may surprise you. When servicing your transaxles you need regular 20W50 motor oil. This is for use on all of the transaxles that Bad Boy uses.


Question: How do I change the transmission fluid in my ZT/CZT/Maverick/Compact Outlaw mower?

Answer: There are two reference documents to refer to when changing the hydraulic fluid in your ZT, CZT, Maverick, and Compact Outlaw. Click the links below for these reference documents.

Service Maintenance Document

Purging Procedure Document

Question: How do i change the hydro oil in my Outlaw(XP)/Outlaw Extreme?

Answer: There are two reference documents to refer to when changing the hydraulic fluid in your Outlaw(XP)/Outlaw Extreme. Click the links below for these reference documents.

Service Maintenance Document

Purging Procedure Document

Question: Is my information safe?

Answer: At, we take this issue very seriously. Just check our Privacy Statement to see what precautions we take to make sure our customers personal information is safe.


Question: What are your shipping policies on Bad Boy Mowers Parts?

Answer: Visit our Shipping Policy page to see how we will ship your Bad Boy parts. Still not sure? Call us at (855)-888-7278 and we can let you know first hand!


Question: Is there a return policy on Bad Boy Parts?

Answer: Yes. Please refer to our Terms And Conditions for our returns policy.


Question: Where is my Bad Boy serial number located on my Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: Please refer to our Bad Boy Mowers Serial Number Location page to find the location of your serial number. Or Just type in your serial number into out new Bad Boy Serial Number Tool.


Question: I think I have a "PRO Series" Bad Boy Mower, but I can't find it on your site. What do I do?

Answer: Bad Boy Mowers refers to some models as "PRO Series" mowers, but there is no "PRO Series" model. The actual model can be determined by using the serial number off of the unit. You can put it into our Bad Boy Serial Number Search function to find out the actual year of manufacture and the model name.


Question: How do I get a replacement Bad Boy Owners Manual?

Answer: We offer all of the Bad Boy Owners Manuals (2007 and Up) for Bad Boy Mowers free to download. To find and download your Bad Boy Mower Parts manual click here. (Note: All downloaded files will be in PDF format.)

Click here for free Adobe PDF Reader download.


Question: What year model is my Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: The year model of every Bad Boy Mower is actually a part of the serial number that is found on the unit. See our Bad Boy Serial Number page to determine how to read and understand your specific serial number.


Question: Where can I find a local mechanic that works on Bad Boy Mowers?

Answer: Log on to and use their 'Find a Dealer' locator to find the nearest dealer and mechanic for your Bad Boy service work.


Question: What kind of Hydro oil/ Engine oil do I use in my Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: Bad Boy recommends using 20W50 Motor Oil for the Hydrostatic transmission and 10W30 Engine Oil for use in the engines.


Question: Are there any Bad Boy Mower accessories offered for my Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: Yes. For most Bad Boy Mowers there is a list of Bad Boy accessories at your fingertips to customize your mower to your specification. We offer Bagger Systems, Accelerated Grass Catchers, Advanced Chute Systems, Cargo Racks, Spoilers, Roll Over Protection Systems, Trailer Hitches, Sun Shades, and much more. Visit our Accessories page to see if your model has accessories!  Still not sure? Call us and we can help you determine what accessories will fit your mower.


Question: I can't find my part on the Bad Boy Mower Parts site/I'm not sure my part is correct. What do I do?

Answer: First, get as much information off of the unit as possible (i.e. the serial number off of the Bad Boy mower itself). Then, put your serial number into our Bad Boy Serial Number search function to determine the age and model of your unit. After that, try to determine where the part you need is located on the mower. This will help you by narrowing down the specific diagrams you need to search through to find your part. Lastly, if you still don't see your part in any of our diagrams, feel free to call us at (855) 888-7278 and one of our service representatives will be glad to help you locate and verify your part.


(Note: Remember to have all of the information handy for our service reps. They can only use the information given to them by you, the customer, to help them look up parts.)


Question: I'm having trouble checking out? What do I do?

Answer: Call, email, or chat with one of our service representatives to help you navigate through the checkout process. We can take you order right over the phone or through our live chat feature . Anytime you have any trouble with checking out we are here to help! Click here to contact us.

Question: How do I install my new Striping Kit?

Answer: Click link below for installation Instructions.

Click Here For Striping Kit Install Intructions.


Any other questions or concerns can be answered by our service representatives. can help you find all of the Fast Moving Parts for your Bad Boy Lawn Mower. We know the importance of having part diagrams for customers to look over and decide what parts that they need. If you need a Bad Boy Transaxle look for the transaxle assembly of your unit.